Digital Thermometer

৳ 220.00

  • Digital Thermometer, Hard Tip
  • For Self Measuring of Fever
  • Use in Armpit and Oral
  • Quick Rustle, Convenient and Accurate
  • Large LCD Display
  • 100% Safe (Mercury Free)
  • Dual Measures (C&F)


  • Digital Thermometer is a battery-operated thermometer with connected measuring sensor and easy to read LCD display. It generates great accurate temperature readings. It is made of durable plastic materials and suitable for Adult and Child Digital Thermometer makes it ideal for any situations where you need an accurate reading and the easy-to-read screen displays the temperature. You can use airDoctor digital thermometer for your child of any age also can use adult person any of age. A digital thermometer gives a digital reading. You need to read and follow the instructions that come with your thermometer. Place the end in the armpit against the skin and bring your child’s arm down over the top of it – it often helps to hug your child to keep the arm down and the thermometer in place. thermometers beep when they have finished measuring your child’s temperature